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With a story made of images and words, the author of Japan – Photographic Travel Guidea photo journey into japanese culture  recounts the ancient cities, rites and traditions of the Japanese people. This book is a fascinating photographic journey to discover both the most famous and the least known places that deserve to be visited.

Japan – Photographic Travel Guidea photo journey into japanese culturewill help you plan your itinerary and get some insight into Japanese culture before your journey, and will offer numerous photographic suggestions. From the bustling streets of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka to the historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, this book will accompany you through the land of the rising sun like a trusted travel companion.

What you’ll find in Japan – Photographic Travel Guide a photo journey into japanese culture:

·        Travel Diary with detailed suggestions on what to eat, where to go, and how to meet locals

·        Highlights and exciting facts about Japanese culture, such as the history of festivals, or the tea ceremony

·        Must-see attractions around the country, and how to get there without breaking the bank

·        Suggestions on how to take the best travel photography pictures during your stay in Japan, and bring home a fantastic travel diary

·        Covers Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kanazawa, Nara, Shirakawa-go and Gokoyama, Osaka, Kobe and more

Japan – Photographic Travel Guide is the perfect photo-book if you want to peek into Japan’s uses and customs before planning your trip. This photographic book is not merely a list of names and places. The author shares his personal considerations on traveling around Japan and offers some valuable insight on what to see if you have only a limited amount of time and a passion for photography.

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